Pizza or MBBS Abroad? You Pick.

One of the most popular dishes of all time, Pizza is more than just food, it is a feeling. On average, a pizza will cost you somewhere around 200 bucks minimum if not more. Here is a fun fact, some people spend as close as a lakh in a year on pizza, which is crazy, right? Individually the cost does not sound a lot, but when compiled together, pizza can be your expensive date. So, what if we say that instead of spending your money on temporary happiness, you put that money to good use and gain knowledge and pride instead of carbs and laziness?

There is a hoax that seems to be going around that studying abroad will burn your pocket, especially if you are choosing a medical programme. But that is what it is, a hoax nothing more. Studying MBBS abroad will cost you money, but way lower than you can imagine. Think of it this way, there are more than 11 lakh students set to take the NEET 2021 examination. The total number of seats in India is somewhere less than a lakh. The ratio is just absurd. Adding to this, if you choose to study MBBS in an Indian private medical college it will cost you more than 60 lakh to complete your degree. If you get a government college then it is okay, but the probability of that happening is similar to every person in India who starts wearing a shield mask.

But what if there is a way through which you can complete your degree and keep your pockets and bank account from breaking? We understand that to a middle-class family studying MBBS abroad might sound like a lot, but it is not. Today, by proper planning and playing smart, you can complete your degree without worrying much.

What we are saying is that it is possible to study MBBS abroad with less money and with quality education. At the Kursk State Medical University, education is not a privilege, it is a right. Established in 1935, KSMU is one of the oldest medical universities in Russia. It is also one of the top 10 best medical universities in Russia. One of the best things about KSMU is that it was the first university to offer students a full medical programme in the English medium in Russia.

In the ratings given by the WHO, UNESCO and MCI, KSMU holds an outstanding position. Apart from these famous organisations, KSMU is also officially authorised by Australia, UK, USMLE and many more.

Indian mission of serving medical education with utmost perfection, KSMU provides quality education with minimum fees. You will be shocked to know that the fees of studying MBBS in KSMU are less than studying MBBS in Indian private medical colleges.

That is what we are saying, that instead of wasting your time and money in India and private medical colleges or even worse wasting your year it is time to act smart and choose the Kursk State Medical University for your medical journey.


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