Campus Life

Life @ KSMU

Student’s Life

KSMU is famous for its healthy and vibrant student life. Students can pursue numerous extracurricular activities; various sport events, multicultural and multinationals events. Many students’ groups function within the university, such as student unions, international students’ unions, student unions by country represented, sports, etc.


We offer a variety of University accommodation in Kursk. The location of the accommodation is within walking distance to the main campus offers easy access to all KSMU campuses, a huge range of facilities, and good public transport links. Our accommodations are guarded by professional security; and CCTV and fire alarm system.


Social responsibility – canteens the focus of KSMU is on fulfilling its social responsibility to provide students at all university locations with good, affordable food. They also run catering facilities at smaller study locations where the student number can sometimes be very low. Canteens give students the choice between different main meals, side dishes and cheap menus of the day alongside the extensive selection of food in the buffets.


There is an Active Students program offering free sports sessions on and around campus. Our students are involved in a range of activities ranging from sports to arts, social and other intellectual pursuits and enriching activities. Campus life at KSMU has something to offer everyone, no matter what your interest.


Kursk State Medical University library was established in 1935. Today, the library registered more than 300,000 visits a year, provides service to 20,000 users, gives out 600,000 publications, and disposes of over 700,000 copies of different editions – books, magazines, newspapers, and CD documents. Annual receipts come up to 15,000 copies, and subscription for periodicals amounts to 200 titles.


The History Museum of KSMU was opened in 1975 and was initially called the Room of military and labour glory. In 1985 due to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the university, it was transformed into the museum of the history of the medical institute, and then of the university. With the support of the university administration, a significant role in creating the museum was played by the head of the Department of Social Hygiene and Health Organization, Professor B.S. Monakhov, who led its work for 25 years. In 2005, the museum was reconstructed, after which its interior and exposition acquired a modern look.

Union & Association

The Students’ Union and Students’ Associations of Kursk State Medical University are the hub of the university life. All our students are automatically made members of our Students’ Association, which works on your behalf to ensure you have the best possible experience during your time here. At our University we put students at the heart of everything we do. We believe in working in partnership with our students so that together we can enhance all aspects of the student experience. This partnership recognizes that students have rights and the responsibility to voice their opinions and that the University has the duty to respond to them. The University attaches great importance to creating a culture and environment that promotes listening to student opinion on all aspects of their University experience. We want our students to get involved, give us their views, feel empowered and help us to shape and improve the student learning experience. Student opinion is fundamental to the running of the University and takes place at all levels in a variety of ways.


KSMU Alumni will always be an important part of the KSMU Family, you are one of more than 45000 alumni worldwide. This remarkable community is the foundation of our global reputation, and we are committed to celebrating your success, enriching the value of your degree, and engaging you in the life of the University – at every stage of your career.