Our Program

Medical Degree

Medical Degree

Duration: 6 Years

Kursk State Medical University (KSMU) offers a general medicine program. The medical degree, which is designed to meet the General Medical Council’s expectations. The curriculum offers a six-year program and the graduates will receive a Degree in General Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, Physician in General Medicine which is equivalent to a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.

Pharmaceutical Degree

Duration: 5 Years

The faculty prepares the students for careers in pharmacy with a thorough understanding of drugs and diseases. The curriculum promotes interaction between pharmacists and other health professionals. The pharmacy curriculum offers a professional five-year program.

Pharmacy Degree
Dentistry Degree

Dentistry Degree

Duration: 5 Years

The faculty offers a five-year program of Dentistry. The teaching-learning process is meant to emphasise the development of practical competence. Careful attention is given to developing the students’ personalities and work habits, stressing personal skills that are critical factors for successful careers.

Clinical Psychology Degree

Duration: 5.5 Years

A clinical psychologist is an exciting profession for those who dream of helping people in difficult life situations, overcoming stress, and preventing severe mental disorders. Clinical psychology is one of the leading and most intensively developing areas of modern psychology. Its central goal is to provide conditions for harmonising cognitive development, increasing adaptive capabilities and stress resistance of a person, mobilising his mental resources to overcome critical life circumstances.

Clinical Psychology Degree1
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Economy Degree

Duration: 4 Years

The aim of the bachelor’s degree in Economics is the training of highly qualified professionals in economics. A unique feature of the movement is the combination of classical economic education with the study of KSMU. The leading professional educational program implemented by the KSMU in the direction of training Economics degree: Economics in healthcare institutions is a system of documents developed and approved by the KSMU taking into account labour market requirements based on Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education.

Management Degree

Duration: 4 Years

The leading professional educational program of the undergraduate program, “Management” (profile “Management in Healthcare”), implemented at the Kursk State Medical University, is a complex of essential characteristics of education (volume, content, planned results), organisational and pedagogical conditions, forms of certification, which is presented in the form of a curriculum, calendar curriculum, work programs of disciplines (modules), programs of practice, as well as assessment and methodological materials fishing Other components are included in the educational program by decision of the organisation.

Management Degree1
Degree in Biotechnology

Other Courses

  1. Degree in Biotechnology (4 Years)
  2. Degree in Social Work (4 Years)
  3. Biotechnology – Master (2 Years)
  4. Industrial Pharmacy – Master (2 Years)
  5. Post-Graduate (2 Years)
  6. Pre-University (Pre-Medicine) Program (7 to 12 months)